• Jan Southern, DPA

Marketing for the Busy Business

Marketing isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be complicated.

Our tagline is true...

We are bombarded by an incredible amount of information on a daily basis – and so are our customers. It can be overwhelming to decide how to market or advertise a product or service when there are so many channels to choose from. We may be tempted to throw up our hands and place an ad with the first sales rep to walk through your door.

It can also be overwhelming to focus on marketing when we are just trying to serve the customers and employees we currently have. When business is going well, we forget about continuing to hone our brand identity and growing our client base. On the flip side, we hesitate spending resources on marketing when business slows down. The truth is, consistent marketing is critical to success. It is the consistency that creates a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of our ideal customers.

Maintaining a marketing strategy can be as simple as a consistent social media plan with weekly postings or promoting an offer a potential customer may take advantage of only after seeing the offer over a period of time. Active and consistent marketing tactics amplify your company in the crowded marketplace. Starting with a clear message and a consistent strategy will cut through the noise, get your audience to take notice and save you valuable time and resources in the long run.

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J. DelSUR Marketing Group is a marketing and strategy partner helping our clients reach their goals through targeted marketing and communications strategies. We leverage our expertise in the areas that matter most in building brands and attracting your ideal customers. We also publish Pooler Magazine and Effingham Magazine for two of the fastest growing regions in Georgia.

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