Who We Are:

We Build Brands...

Your brand identity is authentic to your business. It isn’t a one size fits all.
It takes a deep understanding of the culture and identity and what the organization strives to provide to customers. Whether an established business with multiple product offerings or a new business seeking
advice on how to get started, J. DelSUR Marketing Group partners with 
organizations to understand the core identity of the company. We help to craft a voice and image for the brand, one that resonates with the audiences and creates a fresh and modern presence for your organization. We will help articulate who you are, what you do and how you stand out from your competitors.

We Tell Your Story...

We share your story in ways that are meaningful and game-changing. Anyone can send out a press release. It takes a keen understanding of what you offer and who you want to reach in order to really be effective. We utilize the appropriate strategies and tactics that include advertising in the right channels and writing stories that people will want to share.


We Deliver Results...

We don’t just create a pretty picture. We create plans, produce spectacular materials, ad campaigns and communications and then we make sure they deliver. We continually analyze the strategy and adjust for maximum effectiveness. 

Let's get started.

Jan Southern, DPA
Jan Southern is a
marketing and
professional with
more than 29 years 
experience, 16 of
which have been in
leading marketing
initiatives for
major universities in the
U.S. Her experience includes marketing, brand development, design, publishing and strategic communications for public organizations and private sector clients in the healthcare, technology, lifestyle, giftware, publishing, automotive and other industries.
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